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Sri Guru Singh Sabha Southall (SGSSS) is the largest Gurdwara organisation outside of India, established in 1950s.

Gurdwara, pronounced ‘Gur-Dwa- raa’ means the ‘Guru’s Door’ or ‘through the Guru’. Sikhs comes here to learn how to live a spiritual and moral life and earn Guru’s blessings. SGSSS today provide a huge range of services, to find out more visit the services pages.

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Latest News & Events

Little cubs playground every Monday 10 a.m. to 12 noon in the Gurdwara Library @Guru Nanak road Southall, come and join us!

To register please contact littlecubsplaygroup@gmail.com

Part 2 - continued from last week. 

Guroo Arjan Dev jee explains the 3 universal rules, by the following of which, anyone can achieve Brahmgian (the liberating knowledge of God).

Seva Weekend Gardening Project! Join Us in creating a community Green Space! @owngrown.co.uk
Free Cycling Activities
Our warmest congratulations and good wishes to Their Majesties King Charles and Queen Camilla on this historic day for our country. 

Sri Guru Singh Sabha Southall and all Sangat

#coronation #KingCharlesIII  #uk
Today marks the Parkash of Sri Guru Amardas Ji #guru #parkash #khalsa #singh #kaur
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